Death bed

I returned home after a week's business trip, where work kept me busy through the days. Far away from homeland, away from the new found home, I was there lying down forcing myself not to go through the tumult of emotions, which haunt in loneliness. On return, I had nothing but an empty home waiting for  me, but yes, it was mine! I thought it was calling out to me and stretched myself on the floor to scribble some lines with a pen and a paper. What came out surprised me and it seemed to me like a prelude to the movie I watched that night - "Anand" the classic bollywood movie released in the 70's. 
As always, I will leave the rest to you readers to comment and give me some feedback :)

Come to me
Oh! Come on,
Come to me
And set me free
Forever..... free

Come look in
my eyes
I need no  worldly lies

Life is after all,
the one and only one
whom you can
follow, after all!

I make no will
I make no wish!

I played my game
fair and funny
saw seasons all,
rainy and sunny

I've smiled
to one and all
It's your turn...
Take me.... once for all!!!


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