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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A letter.. from a daughter..

Hi people.....
This time it is not a travellogue or a poem or an imagination....
One day after watching MNIK movie, we friends, not so great fans of Shahrukh started discussing the movie as to what each one of us liked the best and disliked in the movie. Friendly discussion led to a heated up discussion about the movie being realistic or not. And this triggered one friend of mine to speak out about something which was deep in her heart. She’s now far off from her parents and you can call it as a letter of a Daughter about her Dad.
I thought it is a piece of thought everyone should know and should learn not to generalize everything and everyone. Go ahead to read it in her own words....

"Talking about relating the movie to our lives, I can relate this to my very own life...
They called Muslims as Terrorists,because of few people in the community who did such unforgivable crime. There are bad people in all communities. That does not mean everybody in that community needs to be treated the same way. There are good and bad people in all community, creed, caste, colour, religion or whatever types we have on this planet.
And I have heard people telling Police Department is the most corrupt department and to the core. Which department is not corrupt?? Bribery exists in all department. But its the police who gets all the blame just because they interact with people everyday.
I know how it feels when somebody says "ella police kalla nanna makkalu" and even worse words.
I know my dad very well.. He is not corrupt. I know many others who are struggling with their lives to bring up their families and put them in a better state, being honest in the department and bearing all this brunt from the people. At the same time I know people in the department, who have gone up and up just because of bribery and nothing else.
I have even heard it for myself too. About me getting a Driving License. I failed once in 2 wheeler driving test and twice for 4 wheeler. And I still don’t have a 4 wheeler DL. If my dad was corrupt, he could have got it done for me without me having to attend the tests.
He is in Traffic Department, but still I have paid fine for breaking traffic rules many times. But nobody believes this.
People complain that the police don’t manage the traffic well... And the traffic worsens in presence of a police constable. What the Hell !!
If people have some common sense, wait for a while when some accident happens so that the vehicle can be cleared off the road, traffic would be smooth and back to normal in sometime.
But everybody is in a hurry to reach their destination, trying to find out the easiest way possible out of it, making a mess out of the situation.
What can a constable alone do??? Can he lift the vehicle all by himself and clear the road???
He is a human being just like us... And not a Superman.....
You cant generalize anything and everything. To check whether the rice is cooked, they say its sufficient to check one rice. But the same logic cannot be applied on human beings. There are many good sayings and wise words from our ancestors based on their experiences, but its upto us to know which one to apply and when?
All logic cant be applied on everything.
I am sorry. Nothing here is intended to anyone in particular. Nor its general. Its what I have seen/heard in the little experience of my life and my mom too.
There are just 2 kind of people. Good ones who do good things and Bad ones who do bad things :)
It hurts when people laugh cursing the policeman. They work day and night to save and maintain discipline which is almost equal to the job of a Doctor or Military, which calls for 24hr services.
There are many cases when they are run over by vehicles while on-duty.
You will know the pain when you wait for the person to return home safe after his work, without a limped leg, or a fractured hand...
There are many nights where I was awake till 11 or 12 in the night during my school days when dad had not returned home where in he was supposed to be back by 10, and mom staying in a different place because of work, no mobiles to know the where abouts...
Waiting at the door, looking at the streets, praying that he is alright, he will be alright, he will reach home safe, with all the accident news on second sheet of TOI running in front of your eyes, no one to reach out at that hour....
At the end, I would be in tears as soon as I see him on the street :)
Trying to wipe the tears with a great relief, by the time he reaches the door and greet him with a smile, more than happy to see him back home safe at midnight, without any bruises on his legs or hands.
I know its not a thing to be compared with the movie.. But still felt like sharing my childhood days with you friends.
Ya, there were days where I have seen him with bruised hands, limping legs too.. Just because he tried to stop someone who was drunk or over speeding. I just thank God that it was just bruises and nothing more...
Love you papa... Miss you too........."

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