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wanna fly the kite...

This article was written on a winter morning and hence refernce to teh blore winter :) Just in case u feel, that am crazy to imagine Blore being cool in this summer ;)
Here we go....

The day was as perfect as always… Morning in Bangalore s too gud in winter… with the mist covered everywhere….
As usual my dream starts when I am sitting alone in the office cab, next to the window….
I wonder how my imaginations and thoughts moved towards a flying kite.
I could imagine the kites in different colors and shapes…( I think this was the effect of seeing a clip about kite festival in Mangalore)
The very thought of flying a kite made me feel light, as if I was flying high….
It brought in the memories of my childhood, when we used to wait for the exams to get over.
Once the exams finish, the last day would be as if we completed some Ashwamedha.
We would collect all our class notebooks and run to the terrace.
The first book to be torn was always Math, not because it was tough, but mostly because of my broth…

Visit to Himavad Gopalaswamy betta….. Treasure hidden….!!

After a long discussion over which places to be visited we stuck to Coorg and Himavad gopalaswamy betta (hills) as our destination point for a two day trip. Waiting eagerly for the Friday to strike 4 PM every one of us sat in front of the comp faking busy at work. Knowing that the Manager was in meeting, we decided to come out of our cubicle by 4.15 pm, and sent a message to him saying that we intended to inform him but he was in meeting. As planned, we stayed back in Nanjanagudu in a lodge that night, very tired and weary… yes just after the first 6 hrs.Since all the rest were from other states or knew less about places of Karnataka, I played the role of guide and ordered everyone to be ready before 4.30 in the morning to leave to gopalaswamy hills otherwise which, we would miss the beauty of the place. We spoke a lil on the way to hill, as many were drowsy and still in sleepy mood. When the tempo traveler started ascending up the hill we moved towards the window to see the scenery…