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Does every dog have its day

Last evening as always, I came home tired and asked mom to get me something to eat.
I sat relaxing on my sofa and waited impatiently as to why mom didnt come with a plate, but heard her scared voice which echoed in my ears.
She called me and showed the fire which was caught by the bamboo bush which is behind our house.
This was an annoying bush because of which the thieves runied our night sleep and though shocked for a moment, mom told "To hell with it... let it burn up and be gone..."
I somehow didnt like the idea and thought of calling the watchman.. and try extinguishing the fire..
But as a caring mother, she didnt want me to go near the fire.
Later she realised that a street dog had thought that bush as teh safe place for its puppies and placed all her 5 cute little puppies in the bush.
She herself then ran towards the watchman while I and my neighbors gathered buckets of water and started our job to save them all..
By then we could here the painful voice of a puppy which was …