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Reach out to me....

Reach out to me,
I am just waiting for you...

I do exist
And I do persist,
Reach out to me!

Where are you wandering?
What are you pondering?
Speak out all your thought,
I shall stop you not....

I do exist
And I do persist,
Reach out to me!

Oh Yeah, Reach out to me!!!

There is no where outside
Your fears will subside,
Just search for me , I am within
Without realizing, you are just freaking!

Keep your sorrows aside,
Look out, I am just beside
Reach out to me

I do exist
And I do persist,
Reach out to me!

Sweet surprise of Chikmagalur - Bynekaadu

I was on a search for a good location to celebrate New Year ( any other place other than home!!). Last year was a wonderful trip to Kodagu and I wanted a repeat of such lovely serene location , which could echo our laughter and fill our lungs with fresh air. Luckily, I saw a post by Ghatikallu Manjunath (of the Ghatikallu Homestay fame), which was about 4 homestays under him.
I reached out to him and knowing the group we are, he suggested I pick Bynekaadu for this year and I blindly booked the place. The reason I mention it blindly is for the reason that we had a very warm treatment in Ghatikallu, in his presence.

After a lot of last minute confusion( which is common with us), we finally left Bangalore and spent some time in Belur clicking the pics of beautiful models aka sculptures. Our photographer friends Charan and Raj had a feast for their camera, with so much to click and capture, yet with less time. This was the closest picnic spot during my school days and I have been to this…