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After a busy day with meetings and work back home, I jumped on to my bed to catch some sleep and I couldnt. Vineet was sleeping and I didnt want to disturb him, neither did I wanna buzz any friends, who would curse me for calling so late in the night, in the middle of the work week!.The only option and the best to happen was, having that time for myself, to think, to introspect and retrospect on certain things I have done, I plan to do in future. The words, what I try to write here might sound a bit philosophical, but the feeling I had after this self realization about "Let go" is something unexplained.
"LET GO" - It is two simple words, together the toughest thing also.Yes, if you dont believe me, ask anyone to let go their habit of drinking coffee, alcohol or smoking. Why that, ask anyone to let go their one hour of early morning sleep.Hard to break or "Let go!" , isn't it?. Well, honestly, if we think of somany things, it is very natural and clear -…