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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


After a busy day with meetings and work back home, I jumped on to my bed to catch some sleep and I couldnt. Vineet was sleeping and I didnt want to disturb him, neither did I wanna buzz any friends, who would curse me for calling so late in the night, in the middle of the work week!.The only option and the best to happen was, having that time for myself, to think, to introspect and retrospect on certain things I have done, I plan to do in future. The words, what I try to write here might sound a bit philosophical, but the feeling I had after this self realization about "Let go" is something unexplained.

"LET GO" - It is two simple words, together the toughest thing also.Yes, if you dont believe me, ask anyone to let go their habit of drinking coffee, alcohol or smoking. Why that, ask anyone to let go their one hour of early morning sleep.Hard to break or "Let go!" , isn't it?. Well, honestly, if we think of somany things, it is very natural and clear - "Nothing was and is , by birth ours, including these habits , which are hard to break!"

The fact is that we let things, too much into us and get affected or touchy about it. By doing this, we already have greeted "these" and LET IN. This could be anything from being a new found love,marriage, a prized possession ( if you don't believe, see what happens to you when somone nakes a dent to your new car!). We get so much involved and engrossed in it that we dont realize that we have surrendered ourselves to it.We give into that urge of that moment.

One of the hardest thing I have not spoken here of is - to "LET GO!" our ego. This from my perspective, is the toughest of all because it very difficult to give away something which is yours. And ego is something which is just and just yours!!! This is something which ruins us so much with respect to any relations we have. We don't let go the small mistakes of a friend, a brother or make an attempt to break a long silence with the partner.I myself have become angry at my mom and maid, when they unknowingly spoil one of my white dress which I loved ( and I feel sorry for that even today)

I believe and so does the world that, what goes in must come out, in order to restore the balance.If you need the fresh flow of water, you have to "LET GO" the stagnant water. You have to "LET GO" the air you breathe in , in order to supply fresh air back into your system.If you observe both of my statements, it is very much associated to the "freshness" and new things. So the fundamental fact here is very clear: Freshness is not the life physically/mentally/spiritually can only be achieved by having the "LET GO!" attitude. So let go of the ego, a fight, a bad memory which haunts you day in and out. "LET GO!" Knowledge in a way by sharing it more.Let go of the bad things in life. The best way to do it is to speak it out to anyone you are comfortable with( if you think that would give away as your weakness,sit in for meditation and let all the thoughts about it to flow out. DO not stop any of the thoughts, good or bad!). 

Keep aside couple of minutes in your day to think of things which are bothering you, keep two suitcases in front of you, one for the beautiful  memories and dreams you have for future. Put everything into it, lock it and keep it back in your mind. The second one, to dump all your worries, ego issues, fights with your loved ones, hard time you faced in your day with certain people. Pull out everything from you mind and heart and lock it up in this second case and throw it out as soon as possible.
Believe me, keep doing this very often to keep yourself happy and to give space for some beautiful moments to happen,to lock it up in memories for future!

Now that I realized this, I will try my best to follow these things and hope this is not a useless reading for you too! :)
So , would you let go things and thoughts of no use or doesnt bring the freshness? Well, I will start it, by leeting go the anger on Vineet, for not getting me a chocolate cup cake, Ive been asking for! ;)

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