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Monday, August 24, 2009

Its Just your smile

Its Just your smile, I wish to see,
In life's every mile, this is my plea.....

Let not the sea of sorrow surround you,
For life gifts each day fresh and new.
In dawn if you tire and wither,
Lets gaze the stars in the night- together

At any cost, this is my plea,
Its just your smile, I wanna see.....

You tease me and give out a chuckle,
All these moments I treasure to juggle.
My eyes must find you first thing in the morn,
For which the night dies and a day is born.

I know this journey is not path of roses,
Hold on to me, let it not bug us.
Years come by to see our relation ripe,
I turn back to find, your love complete my life

Shrug the struggles, never let yourself down,
Those are the pebbles, which shall drown...

All through it will be my plea,
Keep smiling, Cos I wish to see!!!

Voices in my head

I am never alone Those days have gone long There are voices, there are voices… There are voicessssss up - when I close my eyes ...