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Chitradurga: More to know,more to explore!!

A view within the fort
One of the 20 watch centers
One of the 7 concentric fortification
Dam Details
View point constructed near the dam
View of Maari kanive
The Dam itself

Wind mills spread all over in the district
3 musketers:Dinesh,Balaji and Murali :)
Happy team showing Ovbavvana Kindi after reaching the place in the rain!
Play time near the river

History is fascinating when you are able to relate to it.And so was it for me when I entered the fort of Chitradurga.
I had been to this wonderful place during my school days, dragged by our teachers to hurry up so that we dont miss other places....and couldnt collect much info.
Attending marriages out of Bangalore is fun, cos it gives me a chance to see a whole new world out there and to explore the nearby places.And which is why I geared up all my enthusiasm to attend my colleague's marriage in Davanagere.There was a bunch of my colleagues who were not so familiar with any of places in Karnataka and I had a promise to m…

Have a Saying.....: Tanneerbhavi - a place worth a visit

Tanneerbhavi - a place worth a visit

I guess the recession was hit on our trips too ... cos no planning was made; none of my friends spammed my mails with any topic with a trip plan.....
But it is for sure a peek time for all the people to get married for which my house is flooded with wedding invites....
One such was my friend Rushell's marriage which was to be held in Mangalore and the reception at Mysore.
Although the plan was to attend reception, Deepa my friend brought in a sudden change in plan by convincing everyone to head toward Mangalore which s very familiar to many of us in the group.
As per the plan we attended marriage on Sunday and had a gala time with all the friends....
Kudos to Deepa for her yapping all the while :)
Yet we had a Sunday to pass by and thought of going to panambur beach which was the known one to all of us and was the closest.
Deepa again insisted on going to another beach somewhere called Tanneerbhavi.

Tannerbhavi which in Kannada means a pond/well with cold water.... I was so very …