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Oregon - a blissful state!

July seems to be the best month for me. I say this because, I had so many memories of all the travels I made in the past, brought up to my face - Thanks to Facebook and Google memories! And this July was no different, with our plan to visit  friends in Seattle and then a road trip to Oregon. I and my friend made all the arrangements and planning, giving a break to our spouses, who were happy to be relieved of those responsibilities.
So, here are some of the details I would like to share with you all, in case you are searching all possible websites to know the details of different places you can cover.
Disclaimer: While we enjoyed all these places in 4 days(Oregon), this is not all to it! Oregon is blessed with natural resources and has many many beautiful places for you to visit and calm your busy selves. If you have enough time, try to see many other places :)
Day1: Seattle to New Port
Seattle to Florence has scenic views all along the way. The highlight for me was the bridge, which of…