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Buchanan Dam - year end stay made worthwhile!

I cannot recollect when was the last time I experienced travel to a new destination, felt and absorbed the place through my senses. Well, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy any of my travels or visits to new places for ages now. It just is that none pushed me to brag(read blog) about it :) This Christmas weekend in Texas was full of surprises with 11 Tornadoes hitting the neighborhood, flash flood alerts and a sudden dip in the weather. I had applied for my holidays and was looking forward for this since a month, to go out and experience Texas. I have been here since 2 years and I cannot say I have covered many places, reasons many.Many friends local to hear helped me by pointing to some destinations well known for a lot of people and I ended up having covered San Antonio, Long Horn cavern and Georgetown "Inner Space" cavern during my earlier trips. Remember I told you about the bad weather earlier? Yes, it zapped my energy and enthusiasm completely and was clueless. M…