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Shore in the city !!!

Though a travel freak, I must admit I had somehow not travelled to this happening place in South India. Just the mention of Rajani, the boss gives you an idea of the place I am talking about.

Yes, from the hot idlis, to the varieties of chutney,dosa,sambhar and the heated politics between the amma and the talai to the weather,... everything here is Hot!!! :) Yes am talking about Chennai!
Except that once I spent a few hours in Chennai, I knew nothing about the place. When one of my friend decided to marry in his hometown,I got yet another chance to explore a place - so much heard but  never visited and I didnt want to miss out any chance.

The best art about the wedding here was that it was early in the morning and after our breakfast we planned to cover two places as we had to catch the train same night.
And here I will try to give a very short update about our visit and here it goes:

Dakshina Chitra: We didnt need any local guides as we had couple of frenz from this place and they pl…