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Monday trip to Bhoganandishwara

Sorry for a very big story,but could not vomit anything as I wanted to share every piece of info with you folks out there....
There s always a ray of hope to apply for a leave, whenever you have a holiday lined up either on a thursday or a tuesday,which will give you the ebnefit of relaxing for four continuous days..And me being one lazy person to wake up early morning, find it a luxury to relax till mid day in the bed unlike the usual 'wake up at 6' routine.No major relaxations,no interesting job at work place,no gossips,no events etc etc had made my life very boring and it is then I decided to spend a day out with a good novel, somewhere in outskirts of Bangalore.But when I shared this idea with my friend Smitha, she found it interesting and wanted to join me ( I infact felt like saying a NO and asked her to get a book for herself, so tat I would get freedom I longed for) I had decided the venue as Sai Temple near Devanahalli as the best fitting to my mood, that day and conve…

Have a Saying.....: Sankranti with some kranti :)

Sankranti with some kranti :)

Sankranti had some kranti.... ;) - blog unedited!

Yes this is really a kranti(revolution) in my house , a family where my parents dont miss upon any of the rituals on any

auspicious days, atleast a day like sankranti.....This year was a different one where rather than staying back at home and

offering prayers to god and cooking, my parents had come to a consent for a trip to Talakadu( not to mention that it was supposed to be a piligrimage;) )
Well, I am not here to give you details on What s meant by sankranti or the importance of the festival.....
I just wanted to share some pics and experiences about the place and what I witnessed, as a part of sankranti...

Our family and Anusha s faamily set to go to Talakadu in the morning after one round of pooja at home and nearby temples (you see the regular clients should not be forgotten, when you get big onsite clients ! ;) )
We thought of having breakfast on the way and let me again quote about tatte idlis(which I had quoted in one of my …

Cartoon drift

I wrote this just few days back, but found it very funny(the way i have written, it doesn't qualify to be anywhere :D ) to blog it up or to show anyone......

But few of my frenz mentioned it as funny and nice( dunno funny in what way!!) so thought of sharing it across..... I know its stupid..... and am announcing my stupidity in this forum :d

grew up watching Tom & Jerry
My heart was warm and merry.

Reading laughing with vibrant hopes,
mind relaxed with Calvin & Hobbes.

There opened up a new world with Alice,
Where I had my own world and palace.

Oh! Not to forget Aladdin & his jenie,
with whom, I hoped miracles tiny winy.

Now all I see is lines of code,
which has made me and life so bored.

I hope to sit beside a friend like Hobbes,
or to fight biggest problems like Jerry.

I long to disappear with my Aladdin,
to a land of love, like his Jasmine.

Then suddenly Jenie disappeared,
'Appraisal Time', as someone whispered.


Hi All,
I have been thinking a lot as to what to write from pas couple of days.....
I have tried to sit in front of a paper and tried to write many times but words have failed me.....
And more over, I had kept myself occupied for couple of months with my dance and so hardly visited my blog.....
So here again, i try to bring back some articles/poems or what ever i feel like sharing with you all...
I will try my best to keep writing, even if its silly ;)