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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tiny Ta(i)le

The day i left my parents home after my marriage and entered a new house,the very first thing that made me cry is the distance from my pet dog Tuffey. My day used to always start with a Good morning kiss from him on my nose and his warmth he showed through his wagging tail.
Vineet knows my lover for pets and showered me with stuff toys to console me as we could not afford to have a pet in the II floor house we lived in.With a shift in the job, I started using my bike to commute. Since i was a newbie to that locality, stray dogs always chased me, even when on bike.There was this dog by name "Tiny" (named by few kids and it no where matched in size to its name!!) which was a friendly one who didn't do any harm when on walk but never stopped chasing me while on bike.I thought of making friendship with him and offered biscuits, but somehow, he still was not able to recognize me when on bike.And there was a day when I screamed out of fear and that was the day he realized it was the same friend who offered him food.And ever since then, he follows me back to my home and sits there in a corner.I trained him to give him hand shake and rewarded him with food whenever he was successful. And now, this handshake has become a signal for him to say that he is hungry!!!

He has now shifted his base from road to our building and initially had taken our door mat to ward from cold. But after teaching him that it was wrong and on providing new blanket, he now drags his blanket where ever he sleeps.He now knows all our friends, strangers and doesn't let anyone whom he doubts.The whole building residents love him and he has lived up to it.I have observed that he loves playing with kids in the building and never harms any kid even though they keep teasing him.He smells me as soon as I come from mom's place and feels anxious after that as I would have Tuffey's fur all over my dress.
There are days, I act as if I have not seen him at all and close the door after coming home. He makes sure to let me know of his presence either by pushing the door through his nose and peeping in or by knocking on the window.

Well I have fallen in love with him and get worried when I have to go on a long trip. However, I am sure the neighbors do take care of him. I am telling this tale of Tiny as a representation of all stray dogs. My request to all of you is to just take care of at least one stray dog in your locality and see how much happiness you get with someone loving you so unconditionally.Also, I have heard and it is true that the local breeds/ stray dogs are more immune than the other breeds.What I learnt is that with proper guidance, some food and shelter, these are much better than the pets we have at home (No offence intended to you Tuffey and Co). If  each of these dogs get an owner, they too will learn all the things you expect of him, guard you and your home for free.

I have seen one elderly man carry a big bag full of milk bowls, milk, biscuits and come to a regular point and feed some stray dogs. I can see these dogs wait eagerly for his visit to feel the love which they have been denied by all of us.All they as is for a bit of love and a bowl of food which i am sure, most of us throw into dustbin on regular basis.There is this Government and some so called intellectual people who support to put an end to the menace caused by stray dogs. I agree, but bring it on in the positive way, where they too get a right to live their life.We endanger every species for our greed to conquer the world and then once things go out of control, start campaigns to save them.I hope the same doesn't happen to our very own desi dogs which truly are very good breeds.

My appeal or request to all of you is :
- Try and adopt one dog/ puppy. Trust me you don't have to run behind the pedegree, these dogs will adjust with the regular food we have.
- Train the puppies from early stage , they are quick learners.
- Make use of these dogs in Office Campuses, for apartment security. Of course vaccinate them and keep.
- Keep them in your farms, farm houses
- Keeps away the thieves

I am standing for them because I have experienced so much love and miss my Tiny when I don't see him for a day. I cannot imagine how I feel if he is taken away by BBMP(not always) someday and hence this article is dedicated to him and all his friends who come along with him as my gaurds during my morning walk.
I left for a trip early morning by 3 am and no one but my Tiny came around the car to say good bye and I am eagerly waiting to go back and give my love to him.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jab Tak Hain Jaan - My incomplete write up, tribute to Yashji!

Yes, it is incomplete, because I could not put up all my feelings and thoughts, which I am soaked in right now!

Yash Chopraji : You have never failed in showing the two sides of love in such a touching manner. Thank you so much!There is love and yeah there is anger in love! There is frustration,, there is that feeling of love right in front of you, but which you are not allowed to have as all yours. There is true love, which is tested by time and testing the time. There is love - is it greater than God or God greater than love ( Can one of this exist without other?)There I see a hope to get a true love, yet see it wait for true love.There is this life which you wait to end,yet there is this end you want to put for waiting.Full on emotional tumults and I enjoyed sailing in it.You have always given your message clear in many of your movies - Someone Somewhere is made for you and once you find that someone, the true love has no ending!

Thank you so much for reinstating that true love always wins and for rebuilding the faith that love does exist. It is through you, I dreamt of love and believed in its existence, its beauty, its pain and its package and baggage!

This one is for your thoughts about love:
yeh rang iske anokhe hain, 
bahut kuch samajna baaki hain
har jaam e ishq peelungi main,
jab tak hain jaan , jab tak hain jaan!!

Shahrukh, is back again as that Raj and Rahul whom we have loved althrough. But something which is noteworthy is the hurt feelings, the anger, the frustration other than the lover boy romance, which always have created that magic.Katrina is lovable with her cuteness and her hot moves for the Ishq shava instrumental but needs so much of "Acting" skills.The freshness and the bubbly Anushka, fills the bridge between the generations about the changing approach towards love and gives you some gigs and surely beats the emotions out of you with her acting. There is no scope for too much of drama in her facial expressions. It is very quick, yet is very sharp which cuts through.

Like the taste of old wine, Yashji who was so much soaked in love has not failed in giving out some wonderful thoughts about love in this movie.I have many times tried to understand love and here I get some bits from the maestro himself.The music didnt attract me so much before i watched the movie and now, I cannot get rid of those tunes from my mind.If you get time, do get the lyrics translated ( if you do not understand Punjabi) and listen to the music.This is another reason why I love Yashji - He doesnt place the song for the sake of it, it has a situation tailored for it.

Yes the movie is lengthy, but I don't think it could have been shortened and I didnt mind sitting till the last name disappeared from the screen.

People who are not so romantic, dont like bollywood movies - dont watch if you just want to criticize it.
People who dont like Shahrukh, stop your prejuidce and watch the movie :p
People who love Kat, you have wonderful dance sequences.
People who look for acting in new faces, you have Anushka, who has not failed to give her best!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Diwali with some candle bags

It is this time of the year, that I always feel charged up, with so much life in the city. The evening bazaars filled with vendors selling flowers, fruits, diyas,rangoli and what not! Although the crowd causes traffic jam and it becomes difficult to commute, I would excuse it all for the festive mood it brings in me and the creative buds yearn to create something crazy.
This time around, I am so deep into my work, injuries and sickness that I hardly got any time to focus on Deepavali/Diwali one of my favorite festival.So I was searching the net to buy some readily available things , although I hated the idea. I bought some sky lanterns along with which a free pair of candle bags were given ( which other wise should be BOUGHT!) That bag was too small in size and I was burning my hand, trying to light a candle in it.But yes, this was more than enough for me to get some plane white sheets, scissors and adhesive to make my own candle bags for FREE FREE FREE!!!!

I thought, this will be a very cheap and effective way to make your celebration look big, neat and wind proof lighting!

Things needed:

White thick A4 size papers ( you could pick some colored papers too to add colors to ur celebrations!)
2 hrs of your time!! ( approximately 8 candle bags could be completed. You might achieve more)

Steps :
- Take two sheets of paper together and fold it in the middle.
- Make markings of 1 inch folding- This part is used for sticking two sheets together to make a 4 walled box
- Make .5 inch marking to connect the base ends
- Now start making cuts on the folded sheet to get some random designs on your paper ( remember your arts/crafts class in school!!!)
- Once your work is done, take the adhesive and try to connect the ends of the two sheets, making it a 4 walled box.
- If you wish, you could tick a cardboard piece as base, so that your bag doesn't fly off when there is a breeze.
- Now, place a diya/ candle inside your candle box.

You can have them reused during your parties/ or in your bed room!

Tough it is... isn't it????

(I am sorry that I do not have the pics, during the making of the bags!)

Look at the corner folds, for reference
 The designs look like this ( I am sure, yoou can make a better design than mine!)

 Top View
 Side View
And finally, when lit :

Happy Deepavali and hey, dont forget to share your creations! :)

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