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Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday trip to Bhoganandishwara

Sorry for a very big story,but could not vomit anything as I wanted to share every piece of info with you folks out there....

There s always a ray of hope to apply for a leave, whenever you have a holiday lined up either on a thursday or a tuesday,which will give you the ebnefit of relaxing for four continuous days..And me being one lazy person to wake up early morning, find it a luxury to relax till mid day in the bed unlike the usual 'wake up at 6' routine.No major relaxations,no interesting job at work place,no gossips,no events etc etc had made my life very boring and it is then I decided to spend a day out with a good novel, somewhere in outskirts of Bangalore.But when I shared this idea with my friend Smitha, she found it interesting and wanted to join me ( I infact felt like saying a NO and asked her to get a book for herself, so tat I would get freedom I longed for)
I had decided the venue as Sai Temple near Devanahalli as the best fitting to my mood, that day and conveyed it to her and she was all set.We started from our place by 10.30 in the morning and took the govt bus which gave us a freedom from being on the driver s seat and we could sit and chat.Thanks to the new airport due to which the roads were swift adn we reached the
destination(?) quite early.I have been going to this temple from couple of years and yet this place never stops me from being lost in my own world and I feel this is the best place to meditate,to retrospect on your actions in life.It is situated on the bellary road, few kilometers away from Devanahalli, towards chikkaballapur.

Its remoteness to the city noise and crowd is what fascinates me and makes me wanting more.It never fails me in getting the college days fun which we used to have and the way we used to bunk our college and come oever to this place,pray and jump over the yummy prasadam served there.Memories came rushing to me as I saw each place, where we sat,walked and roamed around the fields around the temple.There is one more thing which I liked it the most about not letting a person operate his mobile phone.Leave your phone and watch behind, Go sit there closing your eyes to listen to the repeatative chanting which reverberates in your ears and I clal this a real pleasure.
No I am definetely not a very spiritual kinda person, but there is something about this place which gives serenity and I preferred to go a monday expecting no crowd and I got what I wanted.Visit the place once, to feel it by yourself.But I would request you to maintain the same silnce which prevails over there.

By 12.30 we were out of the temple and I was not sure if we should continue with plans of reading novel and suddenly I remembered my colleague Mohan's trip to Chikkaballapur where he had mentioned of a place called Bhoga Nandishwara.I called him up again and enquired about the details and we both decided on the go and caught a bus to the place.This temple is situated in a village called Nandigarama which at the base of the very famous Nandi Hills.

I was in Chikkaballapur for 4 years studying Engineering adn was a fool to not have discovered this beautiful place then and any of my friends who see the pics here would feel the same.It is now taken care by Tourism department but,still needs more to be done over here.

The photo on the right is a view of the temple premises

I don't have too much of historical knowledge on this place but yeah was successful in collecting few info from the priest there.
He mentioned that the whole temple was built partially by 5 different dynasties and was never completed.He mentioned the names of four dynasties as Cholas,Hoysalas,Gangas adn Vijayanagara empire and you can witness that it has the sculptures in all these styles. You can see that it has the bangles in the pillars like the one in Belur and the kalyana mantapas in Hampi style.

There are 3 main temples - Uma Maheshwara,Bhoga Nandishwara adn Arunachaleshwara, last one being present even in Tamil Nadu.One can see that the Kalyana Mantapa in front of Uma Maheshwara is made by Krishna Shile, which once dug has to be moulded within 60 days of its removal as it will be very soft and minute art forms can be carved on it.This stone gives out a metallic sound when striked at the sculpture's end, just the way you can find the musical pillars in Hampi.The priest mentioned that there are 7 different notes which are emitted by this ,but here you can here only 1 kind. There is a Shringi Kalyani which was real clean and neat when I had seen a photo a year back, but now it has been emptied for clea up purpose.

I guess this place has lots of hidden details about it which can be known to the world, if the government takes up some intiatives to shed soem light and appoints some local guides for the same.Well, there is one more thing I have to mention ...we were not supposed to click pics but was not able to resist seeing the beauty of the place.It is a very small place but with lots of details in it,which cannot be composed in a small blog and I would suggest you to witness it and ofcourse request who ever visits the place to let the place in its neat form it exists.

Place: Bhoga Nandishwara
District: CHikkaballapur - 50 kms from Bangalore.
Directions: Reach Chikkaballapur Junior College > Take a bus which goes towards Doddaballapur >Get down at Nandi grama. The temple is opposite to the bus stand.(Taking an auto is also an easy option, if you get on time.They charge Rs 5 per person
from Junior college)
Alternative: If you are going by your own conveyance, stop near Nandi cross, much before you reach Chikkaballapur, Take a right within and drive towards the village.

Nearby places you can visit:

Nandi Hills - You can trek from the village.(The photo on the left shows Nandi Hills in backdrop and in the next photo you can see Kalavarahalli betta/skandagiri - trekking spot
Papagni - another temple situated on a small hill
Muddenahalli - Vishveshwarayya memorial.
Sai Temple - near Devanahalli

Finally Thanks to Mohan for the wonderful suggestion and Smitha for her comapany and her photography :)


akshatha said...

Its very nice,you have included all small details and explained it so well.Missing college days when we used to bunk the classes and go to some of those places,esp sai baba tempe and the food over there...hmmm..brought back the memories.....

Shilpa B K said...

Great going So. I completely agree with you for each and every word of yours about Sai Mandir. Its the place for ultimate Serenity :)
I Miss the place for its calmness, peace found over there. As you said and looking at the photos, the Nandishwara temple seems to be a place worth visiting.

PrAKoPa said...

This was a good one again. I have heard a lot about Bhoganandishwara but never tot it to be as big and as historic. Anyways, it calls for a drive with my parents as a weekend getaway.


rashmi said...

very nice so.. I wonder how we missed that place in our college days. anyways better late than never. Good that u both visited it. U are bunking office again and visiting there with me next time :)

Holcan said...

Wow..Nice post..its really nice place,..I have never heard about this place from you when I was in SAP!! I wonder how??

Hmmm u said..."No major relaxations,no interesting job at work place,no gossips,no events etc etc---" add 'Satheesh is not there to pull your leg..hahaha

Prashu said...

Described just the way it is :) But I wonder how you missed visiting this place so long :) that's too being just few miles from college.

No water in the pond! We used to be there every now and then bunking classes. And the stairs to climb Nandi Hills is just a few hundred yards from the temple...

Anonymous said...

Amiable fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

Naarya said...

very well written and detailed description of the place. and its so nice to see someone bunk office and run away like this :) i love doing it! and the place you have picked looks so gorgeous.

Lalitha said...

bhoganandiswara da information mattu photos chennagide. adara bagge kelidini hogilla. thank u for your information .

Anonymous said...

Opulently I acquiesce in but I think the list inform should have more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the contact number for this temple? Please let me know. Thanks. said...

There is no such contact number I know of or any point of contact....

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