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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cartoon drift

I wrote this just few days back, but found it very funny(the way i have written, it doesn't qualify to be anywhere :D ) to blog it up or to show anyone......

But few of my frenz mentioned it as funny and nice( dunno funny in what way!!) so thought of sharing it across..... I know its stupid..... and am announcing my stupidity in this forum :d

grew up watching Tom & Jerry
My heart was warm and merry.

Reading laughing with vibrant hopes,
mind relaxed with Calvin & Hobbes.

There opened up a new world with Alice,
Where I had my own world and palace.

Oh! Not to forget Aladdin & his jenie,
with whom, I hoped miracles tiny winy.

Now all I see is lines of code,
which has made me and life so bored.

I hope to sit beside a friend like Hobbes,
or to fight biggest problems like Jerry.

I long to disappear with my Aladdin,
to a land of love, like his Jasmine.

Then suddenly Jenie disappeared,
'Appraisal Time', as someone whispered.


PrAKoPa said...

this one.... i do not know who insisted you to post but thank you for this... I would like to rank it to makkala sahitya - Rhymes/ short stories for children.

makkala sahitya is something which everyone feels difficult to write. One can write a technical document, a political debate what not,,,, ask him to explain it to a kid and make the latter understand when you can see the instability he would face.

In Kannada G P Rajarathnam was one person who wrote rhymes and one fYi is "naayi mari naayi mari tindi beke" Anupama Niranjan became famous for "dinakkondu kate" which came in series --- chaitra, vaishaka..... phalguna;

Sudha Murthy now has written two books especially for kids between 8 and 12 age groups.
Try them in sapna stores....

Any ways good work Soumyakka.... nimma makkalu lucky antha ivagale helibidtini

Akshu shenoy said...

So.. This one is one of my favourites :)

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