Was that your smile

Was that your smile??
Oh, I thought it was a distant shine.....

I saw it last, when you held me tight
and kissed my lips,before our petty fight.

Was that.... your smile?
Was that, your smile??
Oh i thought it to be distant shine...

I slapped your cheek, and laughed aloud
your gleaming eyes ,sent me silent vibes...

Brushing my hair,you drew me close
A lovely life, together we chose....

My cribbing so fake,you know it too...
and love it a lot,which I can... spot.....

My stupidity or craziness,
whatever it is , you chuckle and caress....

Was that your smile??
Today or tomorrow,forever you are mine....

Was that.... your smile????


adhishg said…
wow..nice work...you can really do some decent work with words.

visit my poems at
hope you like it..
would like to know how you like them

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