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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Diwali with some candle bags

It is this time of the year, that I always feel charged up, with so much life in the city. The evening bazaars filled with vendors selling flowers, fruits, diyas,rangoli and what not! Although the crowd causes traffic jam and it becomes difficult to commute, I would excuse it all for the festive mood it brings in me and the creative buds yearn to create something crazy.
This time around, I am so deep into my work, injuries and sickness that I hardly got any time to focus on Deepavali/Diwali one of my favorite festival.So I was searching the net to buy some readily available things , although I hated the idea. I bought some sky lanterns along with which a free pair of candle bags were given ( which other wise should be BOUGHT!) That bag was too small in size and I was burning my hand, trying to light a candle in it.But yes, this was more than enough for me to get some plane white sheets, scissors and adhesive to make my own candle bags for FREE FREE FREE!!!!

I thought, this will be a very cheap and effective way to make your celebration look big, neat and wind proof lighting!

Things needed:

White thick A4 size papers ( you could pick some colored papers too to add colors to ur celebrations!)
2 hrs of your time!! ( approximately 8 candle bags could be completed. You might achieve more)

Steps :
- Take two sheets of paper together and fold it in the middle.
- Make markings of 1 inch folding- This part is used for sticking two sheets together to make a 4 walled box
- Make .5 inch marking to connect the base ends
- Now start making cuts on the folded sheet to get some random designs on your paper ( remember your arts/crafts class in school!!!)
- Once your work is done, take the adhesive and try to connect the ends of the two sheets, making it a 4 walled box.
- If you wish, you could tick a cardboard piece as base, so that your bag doesn't fly off when there is a breeze.
- Now, place a diya/ candle inside your candle box.

You can have them reused during your parties/ or in your bed room!

Tough it is... isn't it????

(I am sorry that I do not have the pics, during the making of the bags!)

Look at the corner folds, for reference
 The designs look like this ( I am sure, yoou can make a better design than mine!)

 Top View
 Side View
And finally, when lit :

Happy Deepavali and hey, dont forget to share your creations! :)


Anonymous said...

Andhera Kayem Rahe

Shilpa B K said...

Nice idea So :)
I did try and made few.. check the photos

Shilpa B K said...

Nice idea So :)
I also tried and made few. I also used a think cardboard in the bottom, so that even in case oil leaks, it doesnot spoil the floor.... Check the photos...

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