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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wedding Tips : Tips to safegaurd your dress

Marriage is such an institution where you have to make so many preparations just to enter  it.I was making a to do list for the preparation activities so that everything is in place.Of all the things we had, there was this thing which always bothered me:
In most of the South Indian wedding or to be very specific, Kannadiga weddings,I have seen this one custom where bride and grooms will  be sitting opposite to each other holding a coconut in their hand and all the invitees come on to  the stage and pour milk on it and bless the couple. I dont know what is so exciting about  that act that I see some people puring a whole tumbler full of milk on the couple , not just on their hands but on their dress too. This might be their sign of affection but it surely spoils your costly silk saree or the dhoti for that matter. These are the dresses which you are going to remember for your life time and you defintely dont want to see it be spoilt.
There are people who wrap a cotton dhoti around their waist before sitting for this custom but how much damage  can a cotton dhoti save you from. It surely trickles down to saree/dhoti underneath it.
You can  never say a No to the custom and take all those scary looks from elders but go through it..... So i deviced a plan  to go through this yet saving our clothes from the milk stain....
Me scared that my saree will get spoilt :)

Here we go with it:
Things needed:
1) A long piece of rope to tie around your waist
2) A 2 to 3  meter long un cut plastic cover(all hardware or plastic s shops will be having this. You can relate kit to the quality of trhe cover you use to

cover your cars vehicles)
3) A clean neat dhoti
4) A friend to help you finish this soon :)

1) Tie the rope to two ends(window/2 chairs anything) as if making it ready to dry clothesof some support
2) Now put the cover on the rope in such a way that you are trying to dry it... This will be like a fold on the cover with the rope in between.
3) Overlap this with the dhoti so that the cover is not seen from any  side.
4)Staple or pin the cover and dhoti to the rope, so that it doesnt get disturbed.
5) Now fold it and pack it with all your rest clother and make sure to wrap it just before that ritual starts and here you go... You respect your elder's custom as well save your so precious dress of yours :)
Please do let me know if this was of any help to you or to  your frenz. My frenz surely wanna make use of  this piece of info and I thought this infact could be useful to many soon to be wed couples :)
Good luck!!!
Finally relaxed with the dhoti covering around...


Shilpa B K said...

Nice writeup and useful info :)
Like you said, we should have taken few pics when we made it. May be we will get a chance in 2 weeks to do so and update in ur blog :P

Vineet Rai said...

My Photo has been used without my consent .I will sue you !!! said...

ha ha ha sure nr.Rai..... you can go ahead and give it a shot :p

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