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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Made for each other

The way a typical gal and a guy are :)

Weren't we made for each other?
Listen and then you can ponder

I talk through out the day, making no sense
It can cross barriers and any sort of fence
Your words so few,like the morning dew,
yet in difference,we still happen to glue.....

You seem to listen with pleasure
I have no benchmark to measure
When in fight, I don't ever worry
Cos I am sure, I make u say Sorry

I like everything around
Cos I feel am a bit crazy....
In me your love, you found
Although being so choosy

Your angers are my worst fear,
The only way u make me listen,"Loud and clear"

I wait for a chance to see you chuckle
I grasp the moment and try to snuggle!


shreedevi said...

nice one... liked it :)

PrAKoPa said...

Typical gal ashte. Why guy??

Guys are more matured!

Anonymous said...

god bless u guys :)

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